Career Choices

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  • Plant Pathology: Plant pathologists study fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, and other microbes that cause diseases of plants.

  • Plastic Industry : Plastic has become part and parcel of our life.

  • PhysicalSciences & allied fields : Physics is a part of science, which touches our life in almost each and every aspect. Physics played an important role in major discoveries like Radio.

  • Biochemistry: Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the chemistry of living systems.

  • Photonics: : The laymanis likely to associate "optics" with telescopes and contact lenses.

  • Agriculture: Study of plants, crops and vegetation.

  • Geology : : Geology is the study of the Earth's composition, processes, and history.

  • Aqua Science: Study of life under water.

  • Horticulture: Horticulture has the challenge of mass scale multiplication of any species of plants for commercial purposes.

  • Astronomy: Study of the planets, stars, galaxies and other elements in the vast universe.

  • Environmental science: Is emerging as one of the most sought after careers.

  • Home Science: Home Science is defined as the study built on disciplines for gaining.

  • Oceanography: Science of oceans and its discovery.

  • Forensic Science: The scientific methodology of tracking down criminals.